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Project Description

The iClebo Arte is an advance and energy efficient (22W motor) floor cleaning robot. With an Amazing 3 Hour battery life and 90 minute re-charge time, this fantastic robot can clean most homes in just one charge of the lithium ion battery but should it need more time it can still complete the task with ease. iClebo Arte intelligent camera navigation guides it on the shortest route back to its docking station from anywhere in your home, where it re-charges and then returns to the position it stopped previously to finish-off the job.

Arte is quiet and kind! Specifically designed brushes are able to maximise cleaning performance whilst reducing noise levels, Arte’s HEPA filter removes asthma and allergy causing particles from the working environment. 7 IR sensors across the front of the robot are always looking for obstacles and the robot will stop if it senses an object in its path and as a backup the robot has a spring loaded soft touch bumper across the whole front to eliminate the possibility of causing any damage.

Project Details


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